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Hungarian Surf Fest 2022

Rejoice in the Spectacular Hungarian Surf Contest – HSF 2022!

This year, the highly anticipated Hungarian surf contest made its triumphant return as the first official event since the Hungasurf Open in 2018. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Costa de Caparica, Portugal, the HSF was an absolute must-attend for surf enthusiasts.

Over the course of five exhilarating days, the Hungarian surfing community came together to celebrate their shared passion. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, with endless sunshine gracing the shores and setting the stage for unforgettable moments. From thrilling surf sessions to captivating side events and unforgettable parties, the very first HSF lived up to all expectations.

With the initial days of the waiting period promising optimal conditions, there was no time to waste. The competition kicked off on Monday, featuring Hungary's finest male and female surfers. After intense battles in the water, Zoltan Bakro, a local surfer and founder of The Magnet Projects surf house in Caparica, emerged victorious, defending his title from four years prior. On the women's side, Katinka Engel showcased exceptional skills and claimed the top spot, earning herself a brand-new surfboard along with the victory.

Among the week's highlights was the Pinetime Expression session, where the 18 best surfers from Round 1 vied for an impressive 500€ worth of Pinetime goodies. Despite a busy day of surfing on Tuesday, Mother Nature blessed the participants with enjoyable waves and a mesmerizing sunset, fueling the motivation of the exhausted yet elated surfers. After a thrilling 45-minute jam session, Csaba Pinczes and Katinka Engel were crowned as the winners, ensuring they'll stay warm during the upcoming winter with their new Pinetime products.

Even during the so-called "lay-days," boredom was far from present. We held a thrilling Longboard Contest, a Rookie Challenge, and an exhilarating International Showdown, featuring over 20 talented surfers from neighboring countries such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, and Austria.

Friday marked the culmination of the event as we crowned the champions and celebrated with an electrifying concert by Mary Popkids and the sounds of Matine DJs, who traveled all the way from Hungary to conclude this perfect week in style.

HSF 2022 exceeded all expectations, ushering in a new era of surfing in Hungary. As one of the main sponsors, we are truly grateful to have witnessed this remarkable event unfold. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the organizers, sponsors, and everyone involved. Let's hope for many more years of annual gatherings in Portugal. Count on us to be there, eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this incredible journey.

Alaia Surf Poncho


Alaia Surf Poncho