Kodama Neckwarmer


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Kodama Neckwarmer
Kodama Neckwarmer

Super soft neck warmer that should always be with you in winter times

Kodama Neckwarmer

Woven Label

Pinetime woven label stitched on the front

Product details

Designed in the EU. Manufactured in the PRC
Fabric Composition: 100% Recycled Polyester

The last thing you think about is usually the first thing you need on the mountain. Our super-soft neck warmer is definitely one of those things that should always be with you in winter times.

This neckwarmer is part of the

Kodama Collection

Kodama are spirits in Japanese folklore that live inside the trees. There can be one in each tree. They say the form of these spirits can’t be seen but one can feel their existence. Our goal is to design all of our garments respectfully with care and create premium, evergreen goods for customers who appreciate subtle details and quality materials. We believe there is a spirit living in each of our products and it’s waiting for its owner to merge and fulfill their common everlasting path. Besides our best sellers and casual everyday products, we extended the upcoming AW22 collection with a new technical line, which carries the brand’s ars Poetica and was manufactured under the flag of sustainability